Blog 26 – Wicklow Way

20160822_163326.jpgTrish and Ian had the whole kitchen full of handprints of all the Workaway Helpers they had over the years. I think it’s gonna go though, since now their place is not a hostel anymore but a respectable B&B.

On the 25th Trish drove us to Glendalough in the Wicklow mountains.

20160828_104049.jpgFor me to walk the Wicklow Way and and for the French helpers Alice and Alex a few days off. The area is what everybody told me it is: beautiful. 20160825_134914.jpgThere are 10 lovely walks just around Gleann Da Lough (meaning Valley of 2 lakes), this is on the ‘white walk’, a 9kms walk with the Upper and Lower Lakes in the distance. I’m spending 3 days here to get back in the swing of long distance walking, but without my pack for starters.

20160826_095111.jpg20160826_095141.jpgI wishing tree where people hang coloured ribbons to get blessings from the Saints, St Kevin in this case, the Irish equivalent to Francis of Assisi. Or from the wee folk, as in small (?) I think meaning fairies and leprechauns etc., not wee as in pee.

20160826_154202.jpg20160826_152505.jpgRowan red berries or Mountain Ash tree. Quick, take photos while the sun is out! No, it’s amazing, 3rd day of brilliant hiking weather already, around 18-20 degrees and partly sunshine. LOVE it. And deserve it I reckon, the amount of shit weather I had on this trip.

20160826_151523.jpgThe heather is so pretty. The mountains are glowing in purple.

20160827_121334.jpg20160827_121341.jpgAnd nothing like 679 steps to get my heart doing overtime and my tongue mopping the ground!

29th August. Yesterday I did 24kms WITH pack. Boy, was I stuffed arriving at the hostel Knockree at 5pm. It was such a beautiful and varied walk though. Below photo is part of the Guinnes Estate. It was so green, I think they use Guinness for watering the lawn. Lets keep drinking to keep that estate so well maintained. Lol…20160828_131332.jpg20160828_130447.jpgLough Tay, lovely views but howling winds.20160828_151926.jpgBit of nice rock….and then sunrise this morning promising another lovely day:20160829_060257.jpgThe colours are totally wrong, the reality was bright red, not yellow. Staying 2 nights at Knockree Hostel gave me time to meander to Powerscourt House & Gardens, the 3rd nicest gardens in the world according to National Geographics. Who knows the top 2 without looking at God google? I love my variety of pure nature and then a bit of manicured occasionaly. The manicured also had excellent food.,20160829_112855.jpg20160829_114205.jpgscreenshot_20160829-171049.png20160829_115828.jpgIt was such a nice day today. I must say that sunshine definitely makes a difference to my mood. I was overwhelmed yet again by gratitude for my incredibly fortunate life. I can just meander about, go where I like, change my mind on a whim, having as many meringues with cream and strawberries as I like.

screenshot_20160830-154300.png20160830_141435.jpg20160831_095529.jpg31st last day of August. Where is the year going? I got a lift back to Glendalough and then started walking South. The last couple of days were going North. Yeah yeah, I’m doing this in a very unorthodocs fashion again. Made it to Glenmalure, which seems to come out as Glenmanure (Guelle-for my German readers). Short day, 15kms. So plenty of time for resting and eating the obligatory meringue with fruit (healthy) and cream (calcium for postmenopausal women, fat to keep bones lubricated), egg white (protein), the only problem, the little bit of sugar (not so healthy).


20160831_164524.jpgGlenmanure Lodge! NO smell….

20160830_154449.jpgWell, I want to throw in something completely unrelated. My dear friend Juliette sent me a photo of above label, since her husband Mark only wears designer label clothes! Moth eaten or not, has to be designer (only kidding). Man, this jumper made in one of my former lives must be at least 20 years old. I haven’t knitted, definitely not since I am in Cairns since 2000. Juliette says that quality clothes last a long time! Bless her if I may, for tickling my ego.

Pinch punch, 1st of the month! Today I risked my life twice! Either being killed by a pine tree falling on my head or by being shot. First, after about 8kms into the walk a sign said ‘Road closed, no unauthorised person to pass’. So, what is one to do after having done half the walk and being in the middle of the forest? Walk ahead, ignore the warning is one to do. Forestry workers were felling trees with big machinery and stripping bark. But I waved wildly when I came near and they stopped work and let me through, appearing friendly. Next sign said:20160901_133828.jpgHmmm, looked like a bit of an old sign. And luckily I saw an English couple walking from the other side, having obviously survived. So I took my second chance of being shot! But here I am, having arrived at my next lodging safe and sound. Some of the accommodation in Ireland feels like I’m walking into my grandparent’s home and bedroom, so quaint. 20160901_154411.jpgYou see 2 cups of tea. Not because I’m expecting someone, but because I always make 2 cups from one bag!20160902_080808.jpgBreakfast room.

Yesterday September plans fell into place. I’m going back for another stint at the Wicklow B&B, just 8 days or so while their cleaner is on holidays. 6th to 15th or so. Then booked my flight to Lisbon for the 18th to meet with Bettina from Hamburg and go to the Azore Islands. Very much looking forward now to travel with friends for a while.

2.9.16 Last day of the Wicklow Way. Rolling hills through farmland mainly. This photo could anywhere.


3.9.16 Took a bus to Dublin and a train over to Westport, 3 hours. Crazy probably for distances in Germany, for Australia, you’d say ‘down the road’. I wanted to see and climb Croagh Patrick, the holiest mountain in Ireland.

20160904_123430.jpgThere you see him, now you don’t. 20160904_102556.jpgscreenshot_20160904-132231.pngSt Patrick. If you climb on St Patrick’s day, you get double merits. 20160904_104018.jpgIt was tough going with a lose rocky path demanding very mindful walking, but incredible views. 20160904_111441.jpg20160904_111750.jpgPeople left their names in rock all over the place. And I admit, I only made it up to the ridge, sort if 3/4 way. The last bit was just too steep and fear set in. I could have made it up but was worried about my knees coming down. But there is a T-shirt that says: “Made it up halfway to Croagh Patrick”. Obviously I’m not the only one to turn around. Almost at the bottom I met a group of lovely nuns from Columbia. If they make it all the way up,, they put me to shame. Their robes won’t be as white when they get back, I can tell you. Apparently suffering is good going up there and some people even go barefoot! I never quite get why a God wants you to be in pain. But as we know there are lots of things I don’t get.

screenshot_20160904-132007.pngscreenshot_20160904-132021.pngI think I will post this Blog and might wait with the next one until the Azores. Not much new will happen til then I think. One never knows of course. You can always email if you wonder about my whereabouts.

Much love from me to all of you.




9 thoughts on “Blog 26 – Wicklow Way

  1. hallo liebe Ursel cih habe es genossen deinen blog zu lesen es its immenr und immer wieder eine inspiration zu hoeren wie du deiner Wege gehst sei gedrueckt alles liebe Margarete ich liege deine Bilder


    1. Hatte gerade gedacht solange nix von Keith and Margaret gehört und vermisse deine super Fotos auf Facebook. Müssen mal versuchen zu telefonieren….


  2. Jetzt weiß ich, warum immer alle so von Irland schwärmen. Deine vielen Beschreibungen und Fotos zeigen es. Unsere Erde ist unglaublich schön, finde ich, das sehen wir im täglichen Einerlei gar nicht mehr. Das macht dankbar und demütig und zufrieden.


  3. Good to hear you’re back on the track – & sharing the amazing places with us all. I can well imagine you are looking forward to walking with friends for a while after lots of solo kilometers. Continue to go well – and flourish! Ruthxx.


  4. Ich habe Irland geliebt und Deine Reise macht Lust auf Wiedermalhin!!! Habe Deine 3 letzten blogs in einem Rutsch gelesen, inspirierend. Wenn ich mal wohin will, werde ich einfach Deine blogs durchkämmen!! Liebe Weltbürgerin, sei gedrückt und hol Di fuchtich, min Deern, mit starkem Rücken!!!


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