Blog 25 – Work and other bits

8.8.16 Thought I better do the ‘compulsory’ tour, together with 1 million other tourists, to the famous Cliffs of Moher. This is a little pink shop in Doolin for Aran jumpers. The roads are so tight, it’s ridiculous they squeeze buses through. Why not park just outside of the village and let people walk?

20160808_141949.jpgscreenshot_20160808-154230.png8kms of beautiful cliffs, formed 320 million years ago, give or take a mil!

20160808_155127.jpgJust caught a bit of erosion happening there. See the dust, looks like smoke?

20160809_082751.jpgMissing my SMCC (Saturday Morning Coffee Club) members. Very tropical looking coffee shop, with citrus and banana trees and GREAT coffee, called “Jungle Cafe” in Galway.


screenshot_20160814-070329.pngMet some lovely Austrian travellers the other day and we mentioned that Australia and Austria seems to get mixed up often (?) and so the Austrians came up with this T-shirt…….ahhhh funny I think.

Getting serious now, splashed out and bought 50 Euros worth of clothes today, including a pair of shoes. Yes, did well. Thought I can’t work 2-3 weeks in a B&B in my hiking boots.

20160809_124658.jpg20160818_125756.jpgscreenshot_20160818-125842.pngDublin seems like a lively great city. Must explore it more on my days off. Here she goes, hasn’t even started work and already thinking about days off. It’s only 40 mins train ride from Wicklow. I caught up with Marie tonight, another lovely person I met on the retreat. She took me for dinner to their favorite Italian restaurant. Yummmm.

10.8.16 Meeting employer at 11am today and woke up with Laryngitis! NO voice……what the???? Kind of funny when you travel alone, I only noticed that I couldn’t speak when trying to say goodbye at the hostel. But bought a great spray at the chemist and throat almost instantly better.

14.8.16 I had put 7th in the date this whole blog. Tells you I’m on holidays, no idea of time and date. Would NOT score well on any dementia tests! So, already on the 4th day at my B&B “Workaway” job. The owners Trish and Ian

20160820_114746.jpgare so lovely and chilled. They are very understanding of my back issue, and slight cold and cough and just let me plotter on in my time. They are running two B&B houses at present, one is leased (8 rooms) and the lease might run out at the end of this months and the other one is their house that they are moderating to run as a B&B for 5 rooms, but is functional sort of already. It works out that I help with breakfast at the big one, clean up the kitchen etc then have time off and then be available in the afternoons for check ins, which frees Trish up to be at the new place to get it organised and go shopping or whatever. Over lunch I can explore Wicklow or sleep! Needed a bit of that, cause, boy, this working thing! VERY tiring! Most of you would know this, but I had forgotten! LOL! No, I have been kind of unwell and my back still blablabla. But on one of my lunchtime meanderings I met Sammy:

20160812_145330.jpgSammy the seal hangs around Wicklow harbour just outside the Lighthouse Restaurant and eats too much bad food like the rest of us!

Then I visited Wicklow jail, a gruesome place and very interesting. Apparently full of spooks.

20160811_143410.jpg20160811_142728.jpgWomen’s health improved it says when put on the treadmill for punishment. We’re paying high gym fees these days to be on a treadmill…..

Only the Botanists amongst you need to read the next bit. An eternity ago, when walking the Via Algarvinia in Portugal I had asked if anyone knows the name of a particularly beautiful shrub. No one knew and fancy I saw it again today in the famous Mt Usher Gardens and found out the name: Acacia Baileyana, or Cootamundra Wattle, a tree fom NSW in Australia! 20160815_141220.jpgIt has all these beautiful shades of purple but when in flower goes really yellow. Bit of trivia but there you have it. Annegret, you tried to help me out then with long lists of possibilities, remember?

I think I post this Blog as nothing very exciting happens while you’re working. We had 2 more workers arrive yesterday, a lovely young French couple. There are plans for more heavy work for those 2, furniture removals, gardening, window cleaning etc.

20.8.16 Still not clear if the lease will be renewed or not. Trish and Ian are amazing, how relaxed they can stay with this uncertainty. It would stress me out to the max. I mean it’s 10 days to the end of the month. Not sure how long I’m staying. Maybe another week. I have no REAL plans til I meet up on the 19/9 with my friend Bettina in Lisbon to fly to the Azores. Do you think I will some summer this year? I’m allowed to go back to the Schengen countries as of 31/8. I might walk the Wicklow Way (127kms) before I leave Ireland. This area is supposed to be beautiful and I haven’t see any of it yet. Work, work work… know the one! (imagine a Smiley Face if I’d know how to put one into a Blog). Then I had also planned a bit of the Camino Norte in Spain. Haven’t walked now for a month and unfit again! Man, where does the time go? I had a fantastic treatment called Amatsu Therapy, some Japanese injury treatment. All the rage over here. Had never heard of it before. But he (Lee) did my back a world of good. Having another one today. I spent lots of money on my back. But as Christa used to say: if you think health is expensive try illness!

Well, two weeks has gone by since my last posting and some of you are wondering where I am. So, I better post this as nothing more exciting is about to happen!

Love you and leave you…..til next posting.


5 thoughts on “Blog 25 – Work and other bits

  1. Ich glaube auch, dass Du mal ein wenig Wärme brauchst. Bist Du doch gar nicht mehr gewöhnt, dieses raue Wetter. Aber vergiss unser Treffen Ende Oktober nicht :-)).


  2. Hi Ursula, finally caught up with your blog! Lisa and I are still in the UK enjoying now a couple of weeks of wonderful sunny weather in England. We have pretty much finished cycling and are hanging with rels for a while. We fly home in 2 weeks and back at work in 3!! Looking forward to following you on your adventures. Hope your back continues to improve.
    Vince and Lisa


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